Weather Survival Equipment

Waterproof 12V Solar Panel by Ever Step Development Ltd.

only $38.95

Weems & Plath Endurance Collection 085 Quartz Clock (Brass) by Wee...

$135.99 $119.00

Weems & Plath Martinique Collection Time and Tide Clock by Weems &...

$443.99 $259.00

Weems & Plath Porthole Collection Desk Clock from Weems & Plat...

$98.99 $84.00

Weems & Plath Martinique Collection Quartz Clock (Standard) from W...

$369.99 $225.99

Weems & Plath Round Plaque Instrument Base (7-Inch) by Weems &...

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Weems & Plath Marine Navigation Millennium Divider by Weems & ...

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Suunto® MC2G Navigator Compass with Global Needle Metric by Suunto

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Sunforce 11260 2500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter by Sunforce

$799.99 $447.51

Stansport Lensatic Marching Compass from Stansport

$16.17 $7.95

Hone your survival skills and increase emergency preparedness with a range of survival tips, bushcraft skills, and alternative energy equipment for back up power generation. Find the basics of any survival pack in the event of a serious weather event or major catastophe. Stocking discount first aid kids, torches-flashlights, weather instruments and food rations such as MRE's and freeze dried food.

Expand your knowledge and skills with a survival guide catering to your particular location whether it be urban, rural or wilderness survival rated.

Tip: Why does holding your hand under water help if you burn yourself?

When you scald your hand with boiling liquid or burn it with a hot object, your first reaction should be to pull it away. Just because your body is no longer touching the heat source, though, doesn't mean the burning stops. Layers of skin that were just exposed to a high temperature take time to cool down and a lot of harm can still be done to cells by the residual heat. Holding burned skin under a tap or submerging it in a bowl of cool (but not freezing) water reduces tne temperature quicker, there by potentially limiting the damage